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Zebra Blinds(blackout/non black out)

Zebra Blinds are modern and stylistic and they can be compared to be the newer or modern alternative for classic horizontal blinds for living rooms and homes.

These window blinds are a very good option for any rooms mainly it is suitable or commonly used for bedrooms or drawing rooms, zebra blinds allow the illumination of the room while protecting privacy and providing insulation in the winters.

Zebra blinds can also be compared to roller blinds as they have the system of drawing on and pulling off attached to them. the blinds are set up in adjustable distances such as 3” or 2” they also come in different variations of light diffusion or outright light-blocking based on different fabric options.

Zebra Blinds are thus, a great choice for your home and they are available in a variety of options in design, color and materials.


  • Different types of adjusting options with the slats being separated ranging from 3” or 2 inches.
  • We provide a variety of light diffusion options for our window coverings that make them provide different lighting and diffusion choices for your room depending on your needs.
  • Blackout Blinds are also available that do not allow any light to pass through from the blinds providing complete darkness and excellent insulation.
  • All the fabric choices provide insulation to keep the room heat stabilized in winter.
  • These window covering are a cross between Horizontal Blinds and Roller Blinds featuring the benefits of both while keeping away from their disadvantages.
  • We provide the products in almost all types of designs and color choices so that they can seamlessly blend into your rooms décor. They also come with an adjustable pulley system which allows them to be drawn on whenever needed.
  • Premium quality eco-friendly products are used to make our blinds which make them very safe to use and allow them to be durable and stylish.


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Sun Home Decor provides a huge range of selections for Zebra Blinds complete with different and custom selections for the shape and size of the blinds, with the best deals. We also make sure our products meet the perfect standards of the quality control that we have.

We also make sure our products are made using environment-friendly methods and environment-friendly materials as we care about our customer satisfaction as much as we care about the environment.