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Wood & PVC Window Shutters

Window shutters are the look of vintage. They have a certain weight and character to them that can bring any room to light and add a certain vibe to it. They add elegance to the room along with the vintage nostalgia. This is the reason that although so many new designs have been created shutters still remain popular to this day and are used all over. However, with time the product has evolved and today similar to the window blinds and shades there are two different types of shutters that are for different needs.


Wooden Shutters are the original style of shutters that carry a very vintage and elegant look with it. The exquisite wooden grains on shutters can bring out the character of the room and that is why it is highly popular. The problem with wooden shutters, however, is that it is susceptible to the forces of nature and can mean that they get damaged by moisture and heat.


This is where PVC comes into the play however, PVC cannot recreate the beauty of wooden textures, it does make up for it by being naturally indestructible as PVC does not get affected by weather or moisture. This also provides a very vintage design in a more modern and aesthetic way. This offering by the best home decor service provider is more durable and makes up for the limitations of its predecessors.


  • Very aesthetically charming and creates a cool vintage look.
  • Adds character and boldness to a room as shutters are quite a bold choice.
  • Is very efficient in all types of rooms be it homes or professional workplaces.
  • Can be made of two different materials with their own pros and cons.
  • PVC Shutters are made with eco-friendly materials so that there is no pollution that is caused by them.
  • Both of them can be used simultaneously in accordance to each other.


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