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Window Covering

Windows are a great source of natural light in our houses and also a great place for us to get in touch with nature outside while staying indoors at the comfort of our house. For these reasons, window blinds are a very important part of maintaining and stepping up the windows in your house.

They can help bring more control over your windows by protecting them against the natural elements and also protecting yourself from the outside world when you want privacy.

We have 2 different varieties:


Window Blinds and window shutters are coverings that are generally made from wood or in modern times they are made from PVC materials. They are ideal for houses and offices and provide sunlight diffusion and privacy according to the needs of the person.

They are also sturdy and do not need frequent cleaning or maintenance. They also provide full control to the person on how they want them to be as they are controlled by a lever on either side which helps open and close them as you like. Our custom window blinds with custom prints also help in keeping your memories alive.


There are various types of blinds and shades available:


Horizontal/Vertical Blinds

Horizontal/Vertical Blinds

Horizontal Blinds create a very professional look which is why it is mostly used in office spaces in places of

Automation Blinds

Automation Blinds

Automated Blinds are widely popular in today’s time. They are the brand new evolution in the blinds industry, and we

Zebra Blinds(blackout/non black out)

Zebra Blinds(blackout/non black out)

Zebra Blinds are modern and stylistic and they can be compared to be the newer or modern alternative for classic

Custom Blinds

Custom Blinds

Custom Blinds are one of our most popular and creative products. Custom Blinds are the blinds that are created by

Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds are known for their exquisite design and its beautiful elegant looks. They are one of the most popular

Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are classy and elegant and are more commonly used in office spaces or professional work environment. These shades

Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds are the classic choice for window blinds. With its rich history and elegant, classy and vintage looks. It

Patio Blinds

Patio Blinds

Are you planning to bring your "indoors outside" by adding a prominent outdoor space in your new home or via


Cellular shades are made of cloth that can be said are reminiscent of curtains in their purpose. Shades are usually custom-designed according to the needs of room. They are highly flexible, figuratively and literally as they are made out of cloth.

They do not need maintenance or up keeping and can serve you as long as you are willing to hang on to them. They are also highly fashionable and can amp up the class and character of your room with a wise selection of color and pattern to contrast or blend in to your room decorations. Shades are also cost effective and can provide more options and design choices as they are totally customizable and can even be made to be automatic.

Currently, we have Cellular Shades with us and if anybody is interested in any other Shutter Types, please call or email.

Cellular Shades

Cellular Shades

Cellular Shades are one of the best blinds in the market as they are perfect for use in both homes


Window shutters are a style of window covering that is usually reminiscent of a certain type of styling. As a design choice, it has a very defined and bold character that it adds to the room without taking anything away from it.


They are nostalgic yet still hold their value at being beautiful and practical even years after its first conceptions. Shutters are usually made of wood but today, due to the effect of natural elements on wood, shutters are being made of faux wood and other materials such as PVC.


They are fully adjustable to set the exact amounts of light entry and privacy as required by the user.


Currently, we have Wood & PVC Shutters with us and if anybody is interested in any other Shutter Types, please call or email.

Wood & PVC Window Shutters

Wood & PVC Window Shutters

Window shutters are the look of vintage. They have a certain weight and character to them that can bring any


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Why Choose Us?

Choose Sun Home Decor because we provide the best in class, window covering solutions for all types of homes at different price points and different types of stylings. We also provide a detailed and variety of styling options for your window which can blend in with your room decorations and bring more character and life to your room.

We provide all our home decor services with great attention to detail and at affordable price points so that anyone and everyone can afford it. We also strive to make our services be absolutely on time so that we can retain the trust and the relationship that we carry with our customers.

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