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Choosing between Window Shutters and Window Blinds

If you are in the hunt for Window coverings and want to give your home an elegant makeover then you are in the right place. Here, we will discuss the pros and cons of major Window covering options, both window blinds, and shutters. The choice between the two depends on the needs and we will help you decide which one is best for you. Furthermore, we will categorize your needs as if you have a need for exterior window coverings or an elegant uplift of your home. Also, we deal with a variety of blinds and shutters, so we can guide you to select what suits your requirements:

Window shutters:

Window shutters were first used in ancient Greece for ventilation, light control, and protection. In ancient times, the shutters were made up of marble with immovable louvers. With time the marble was replaced by various other materials like wood, Pvc, and vinyl in order to provide a modern look with movable louvers. There are different types of window shutters available with movable louvers:

PVC Shutters: They are ideal for the bathroom and kitchen, easy to clean, comes in various colors and textures, light control.

Faux Wood Shutters: Comes in various finishes, moisture resistant, cheaper alternative to wood shutters but durable, easy to clean, good light control.

Wood Shutters: Easy to clean, ideal for throughout house, light control and privacy, easy to clean, long-lasting, great finishing.

Plantation Shutters: Made up of wood, ideal for every room, easy to clean.

Vinyl Shutters: ideal for kitchen, children’s room, bathroom, very solid shutters, long-lasting, less maintenance required, easy to clean, durable. 

These are some of the window shutters, every type of window shutter is cool and will certainly add to your home decor. We will help you out in choosing the type of window coverings for your home. 

Advantages of Window Shutters:

  • It gives a window a neat look as it is fixed inside the window only and provides a rigid and nice look.
  • Very much safe for children as no cords or strings. Shutters have movable louvers.
  • No or less maintenance.
  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • It comes in various materials like PVC, faux woods or vinyl.
  • Easy to clean.
  • No harm from Ultraviolet radiation.


  • Installation is a lengthy process.
  • Expensive.
  • Heavy- not ideal for all window types.

Window Blinds:

Window blinds were originally discovered in Egypt, Persia and China for light control, privacy and protection. Earlier, wet clothes and bamboo sticks were joined together to make a blind. Since then,window blinds have gained so much popularity worldwide. Compared to window shutters there is a wide range of window blinds in terms of texture, colour, material, fabric which make it ideal for every house. This window coverings option is most famous as it mostly used for home interiors.

Motorized Blinds: For convenient operation, motorised blinds use innovative technology through which it is very easy to operate blinds just with a single button of the remote. Ideal for very large windows. Convenient to use for kids and senior citizens. Ideal for roller blinds, perfect fit and skylight blinds.

Printed Blinds: These blinds are very modern and versatile. Custom printed blinds can give your room, office or any area a very nice look. These custom shades are ideal for a kids room as they like superheroes or cartoon characters. Printed blinds are child safe and come with a clutch mechanism that is nearly indestructible. You can select different types of materials for printed shades, the first one is blackout material which provides complete light control and privacy, reduces energy consumption. The second one is of sheer material which provides partial light blockage and privacy reduces energy consumption and blocks U.V radiation.

Timber Blinds: Ideal for modern and traditional homes, provides excellent insulation, reliable use for years to come, easy clean with just one step.

Roller Blinds: Comes in various patterns, gives a very neat look. Light filtering, blackout are types of roller blinds. Easy to clean. It gives a modern look. Remote control.

Roman Blinds: You may choose different types of fabric or cloth in roman shades. There is a fold at the end. It may be “U” shaped, Flat or seamless to give a neat look. Roman shades look very classy and enhance the elegance of the room.

Sun decor deals with so many wide ranges of blinds and shutters and can surely help you with selection. Blinds are different from shutters and here are some advantages of window blinds over window shutters.

Advantages of Window Blinds:

  • Very affordable.
  • A very large variety of designs, fabric, cloth, and material to choose from.
  • Easy installation.
  • Adjusted to provide varying levels of shade and light.
  • It suits every environment.


  • Maintenance is required at regular intervals.
  • Short life span than window shutters.
  • Cleaning is more difficult than window shutters.
  • Fabric or texture is much more prone to damage by UV radiation.

Both window shutters and blinds have their own pros and cons. So, there is no right or wrong answer while selecting window coverings. It is solely personal preference and preferred aesthetics of one over another. If one finds it difficult to choose then our team of professionals will be very glad to help you out with the selection of high-quality window coverings.