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Window Blinds Trends in Fremont California

California the Golden State is famous for its natural beauty, technology, and Sunshine. And with Sunlight comes the windows and window blinds. Windows blinds are a very important part of the wall which allows sunlight and some fresh air into the room. So, to decorate that window; coverings, blinds or shades are an option. Various window blind trends are common in California but roman, roller, timber, wooden, antique, motorized are quite common. These give home a calm and serene feeling and gives you privacy. Blinds control the amount of light into the room and also saves energy by letting the right amount of light in the house.

Wooden Blinds for homes in California:

These types of blinds definitely look very classy. Wooden blinds have cords to tilt horizontal slats to control the light entering the room. Slats also close very tightly and provide complete privacy. These kinds of wooden shades are appropriate for living rooms because it provides you a great elegant feeling. These make as window blinds trends in California as you can use it where you spent most of the time. They are also suitable for bedrooms and dining rooms.

The trend of blinds is most commonly based on easiness to clean and maintain. The wooden shades are really easy to clean with just a dry and wet cloth. You can also select various painted colors for your wooden blinds to give them a trendy look. The slats of these blinds might be thin but they definitely are durable, strong and can withstand more damage than vinyl or other materials. Various different kinds of wood are used to make these blinds. Some of the best options are bamboo, oak, and cherry woods. Whereas, other possibilities are also available according to likings. Installation of wooden blinds creates a classy feel to your home and is easy to maintain.

Roman Window Blinds for California homes:

Roman blinds have gained so much popularity in California with its efficiency of blocking light and giving soft look to the room. It also maintains the heating costs of the house. Roman shades come in a variety of materials, texture, color, and fabric which is quite not feasible with other types of blinds. There are no slats in these types of shades and are thus loved as window blinds trends in California. For the selection of roman blinds, you can always customize according to your needs, comfort, and likings. If you are new to this then our team can help you with this. You can go for polyester, cotton, linen or even silk type of roman shades and they hang out in such a way that they give a nice fold at the end which looks amazing. Folds can be flat, U shaped and soft fold. The flat fold can be seamless to give a neat look and can be with seam but still provide the only a flat look. According to the decorations, furniture, and color of your house, you can customize the blinds.

Now let's talk about the maintenance, they are just easy to maintain and get clean very easily. If you have children and pets in your home then this option is the best. The amount of sunlight entering your house depends upon the type of fabric you have used. If you choose a fabric that allows the diffusing of sunlight into the home then it will give home a soft and elegant look and thus will save energy. 

If you are confused with the selection of pre-made roman blinds, then you can take the help of our customer advisor to customize your own unique style. The fabric type, color, and texture you choose yourself will certainly enhance the style statement of your house.

Roller Window Blinds for California business and Condos:

California is a bay area and the sun is there for most of the day in summers. On the other hand, we need a ray of sunshine in our offices and home in winter to keep yourself rejuvenated, warm and energetic. California is a hub of the IT sector and most of the people spend a good part of the day at offices and houses. So, for home and office decor, these shades are just perfect.

Roller blinds are classified into three types according to the amount of light they let inside the house. The first one is light filtering which only allows natural light to diffuse through and provides a sense of warmth at home and offices. Second is blackout shades, they are ideal for bedrooms, media rooms, and baby nurseries as they block natural light coming inside because during day time nap no one wants even a ray of sunlight entering the room. The third one is Room darkening, which allows light but very less than light filtering shades. Roller shades come in various lift options. Cordless one gives a neat look while operating as there is no cord associated and also ensures child safety. Motorized roller blinds can hasslefree open and close just with a button. It’s ideal for large windows and offices. You can customize the design, pattern, color, and texture according to your needs for your house or our professionals will be glad to help you.

Hence, you should select the window coverings that complement your office, home or any place where you want to install it. Though window blinds trends in California is evolving and compliment the generation. The selection we have shared above is for the fast-moving life of Californians. We provide blind installation services throughout California. We also can customize it according to your likings and requirements and guide you with the best. Check out our recent works and call us for a personal visit and make your house a home.