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Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds are the classic choice for window blinds. With its rich history and elegant, classy and vintage looks. It is very flexible and chic which makes it easier to fit into any style of interior decoration or any style of décor.

These window blinds are extremely versatile and can fit into any location that one might need be it home space or office space with its beautiful elegant look it can seamlessly blend into any decoration.

Venetian Blinds are classically slated and usually made out of metal or plastic. It is connected to each other at regular distances and can be controlled by a pulley adjusting system that is present on the side. The slats change their position when the pulley is pulled up or down and they are opened, this way the pulley controls the movement of the blinds.

Venetian Blinds are most commonly made using two materials Wood and Faux Wood.

Wooden Blinds have a certain character to them and a certain aesthetic that they add to the room. Since wood is corrosive in cases of moisture and heat. The use of wooden blinds is limited to rooms that do not have those two things affecting them.

Faux Blind woods were created to combat this problem perfectly. These window coverings are the perfect solution because they are resistant to the natural forces and they can withstand very hard usage without breaking down or falling apart.


  • Beautiful and elegant design that can add a spark of life to your room.
  • Plenty of choice when it comes to the material so that you can have the perfect texture you want.
  • Is safe from the natural forces and can work for years on end without needing any special looking after other than cleaning.
  • Custom Designs to make them seamlessly fit in with your interior decoration.
  • Suitable for homes, living rooms, halls as well as workplaces such as office or shops.
  • Can be made into automated blinds to provide remote use of the blinds.


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