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Top 7 Trending Window Blinds in 2020

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To get fashionable homes, window coverings play a major role. With Sun Home Decor blinds and shades you can think beyond privacy and sunlight and there are numerous opportunities with the help of advanced styling. You can alleviate the grace of a room by using different perspectives by selecting trending window blinds 2020. Especially for contemporary spaces, window coverings need special attention.

A window covering can help you bring a cozy feeling to your home and give the feel of belongingness. With modern window coverings, you can use window shades, beyond just basic sun blocking and more as a trend statement. Take a look at what window blind designs are trending in 2020: 

  1. Voice enabled window blinds

Voice enabled blinds and other home devices are a hot topic in the home decor industry. Integrating the window shade and blinds with smart features allows us to control shades and blinds by simply using voice commands. Most people are looking for glass windows meant for personal privacy, light and not to mention excellent house decoration. But it can be very challenging when facing a big window or a wall with a lot of windows. Though these big windows have a very classic artistic statement window covering for them is challenging. This is where the voice enabled blinds come handy. And beyond just utility voice enabled window shades are  the trend. 

  1. Automated sun blinds

Large windows or glass doors are the focal point of every room. Their wide range of textures, designs, and colors along with hands-free operating mechanisms just add to the grace. Motorized blinds are perfect for high windows or wide windows. Where the manual effort is heavy and time-consuming. Think of pulling a blind that is 3 meter wide or 2 meter high. In addition to it motorized blinds in this case also ensure the safety of the blinds. As working on these sizes of blinds can damage the blinds as well. With modern technology the automated blinds are now sound and even wireless options are widely available. Plus who would not want to just click on that button to lower the shades at the evening party. 

  1. Energy saving blinds

With the word “ energy”, we all get some ideas about the concept of these kinds of window blinds 2020. So, as the name suggests, these are the blinds that help you in conserving energy. Though the idea of using idea is itself to block out the sun but we are talking about a step ahead. How would window blinds help in conservation? The answer is, they are made up of a special material that helps to trap the energy required for the season and utilize it when required. Like, in summers it would reflect the heat back and not let the sun's radiations come into your rooms. And in winters, it can trap the heat during the day and utilize it when the room’s temperature falls. This is a great and unique concept, for sure. 

  1. Wooden blinds

Wooden blinds are for sure, have always the best option to boost your room's fashion quotient. They tend to match the furniture style of your room and are so amazing and stylish. The add that vintage grace in your personal style statement. The seasonal wood used to create these window blinds is itself a signature statement of style it brings. They have a combination of class and style and affordability. The modern technology gives an extra boost to the design by adding the patterns on the wooden finish. From Glossy to rustic wooden touch on panels, when used with proper decorative intent can change the overall aura for your house. 

  1. Blackout blinds 

As the name suggest these blinds tend to completely block the light from coming through the shades. The Opaque material used in these is best in class. These types of blinds offer complete privacy and complete sunblock to give you the best place to relax. This 2020 trending window blind option is most advisable for master bedrooms and also multimedia rooms. 

  1. Custom printed blinds

Yes, now you have an option to get your own trending window blinds 2020. From childhood memories to a place you want to visit every dream can be now printed to the shades you chose. Custom printed blinds are adored by people who love art. You can add a graceful image or scenic beauty your patio or dining room to match the style you follow. The printed option is available in all sorts of window blind options. 

  1. Roller Shades

Another trending shade option is roller shades. Roller window shades are made with synthetic or natural fabrics that are rolled up and down as per the need. The material of the fabric can range from cotton to suede to velvet based on what your pocket allows. Though using synthetic fibers can help you increase the life of your blinds while maintaining the grace of your home. 

The type of window coverings you use depends on your specific needs. You can even use a standard form of blinds with exquisite style in the form of fabric, color or material used in it. At the Sun Home Blinds, we have the widest range of options from Roman blinds to Cellular blinds; that would help you design your home with the most graceful window blinds trend of 2020.