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Things to Consider While Buying Pergola


Many homeowners love to build outdoor seating or relaxation space in their homes. And, the best way they find is by creating a dedicated space with a pergola.  It is one of the best enhancements you can make to your outdoor space. From adding shade to making your backyard visually appealing, pergolas allow you to enjoy the outdoors while providing you some protection from the sun or weather. Pergolas are not a small investment. However, they come in various styles such as wood pergolas, vinyl pergolas, adjustable louvered pergola and many more. You get different options to choose from. That said, there are a few things you need to consider before purchasing a pergola. Let's understand them in detail. 

1. Right Material 

One of the most significant considerations is what material you want your pergola to be made of. These days most of the pergolas are made of wood. But there are various materials that you can choose from including wood. 
  • Wood: It is a well-known material used for building a pergola. Since wood is available in a wide variety, individual choices may differ. The best part is it helps in creating a fresher design.
  • Vinyl: Most homeowners consider vinyl pergola as a better option than wood. Vinyl pergolas don’t break down or change their appearance over time. The most crucial factor to consider vinyl pergolas is they are far more durable than wood, thus, making them the “lifetime” pergolas.
  • Steel: Unlike wood, steel does not decay. Most of the pergolas are made of chemically treated steel since it prevents oxidation of the material, reducing rusting. Moreover, steel can be installed quickly and conveniently than wood, has lower volume, and needs less support. Steel is, hence, a more stylish as well as contemporary choice.
  • Aluminum: It is lightweight and easy to maintain. It is the perfect choice of material for pergolas if you live near the sea since it avoids the corrosion caused by humidity and salty air. For more color options and protection, you can choose powder-coated aluminum.

2. The Perfect Design

Depending on how you want your pergola to be, there might be a specific “look” in your mind. While a pergola in itself is enough to add flair to your backyard or patio, adding a design or two with a splash of color helps give it a more artistic feel.  While some people look for a classic pergola that is perfect for serving as a simple shade structure, some want a modern pergola or pergola with a louvered roof to use as a space for entertaining. Others may want a rustic look to complement their garden.  All of these looks are quite possible; all you need is to think of them before you buy.

3. The Desired Size

Another important consideration while choosing the pergola is its size. Decide what size pergola you need based on the space you have. Consider the shape and size of other elements of your home, like your patio's space or your roofline. It is important to measure the space where you plan to put up your pergola and decide how much space you would like the pergola to take up. For example, if you want your pergola to be more considerable, you need more space and shade. However, a custom pergola can be done based on the shape of your surroundings. Always remember that an oversized pergola takes up unnecessary space and can make the entire space feel congested. On the other hand, a very small pergola may not serve its function properly.

4. The Roof & Lighting of Your Pergola

Roof and Lighting are essential considerations when you are planning to invest in a pergola.  You can have several options that you can choose, it all depends on your preference. 
  • For Sun, Wind, and Rain Protection: You can opt for pergolas that have the option to press the button to put a roof over your Pergola and get protection from the sun and rain. This adjustable louvered Pergola helps in getting the freedom you want for your roof.
  • To Completely Block Off The Sun, Wind, and Rain: You can opt for steel or a thatched roof. This is also more viable if you mainly live in a storm or rain-prone areas.
  • For Partial protection: To let a little bit of sunshine come in, transparent panels are perfect. You can also prefer to hang vines since they’re both lightweight and attractive. A few dignified options are trumpet vine, honeysuckle, clematis, and wisteria.
  • Lighting your Pergola enables you to enjoy your outdoor living space even after sunset or at night. So you can enjoy your time with your friends and family at night without worrying about Lighting.
Get a licensed electrician to install the Lighting for your Pergola. 

5. Budget Consideration: 

Considering your budget is an important factor. Determine the purpose of building your pergola, what is the required size, preferred design, and the material used to make it. All of these factors will have an impact on how much your pergola will cost.  So, it is vital to decide how much money you are willing to spend on your pergola, and then try to find things in your budget that will match your ideal pergola look. 


Pergolas are turning into a trend these days, and they are here to stay. So if you are the kind of person who loves being outdoors, enjoys spending time with friends and family, loves reading a book or having a barbecue – amidst nature, a pergola is just maybe what you’re missing in your garden.   It is vital to understand the purpose of getting your pergola. Are you planning to have parties and dinners beneath the pergola? or looking for a nice relaxing sitting area around a fire? or are you looking for a space where you can sit back and relax with all the good feels? Decide your purpose and then consider all the above factors before buying pergola.   At Sun Home Decor, we believe in adding a character to your home. Our pergola experts will help you in creating a suitable living space through the seamless transformation with our custom-built pergolas. Get in touch with our experts now!