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Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are classy and elegant and are more commonly used in office spaces or professional work environment. These shades can also be used in homes especially in rooms with large windows such as the drawing room and the living room.

These window blinds are in some way like shutters however there are some significant characteristics that differentiate them from shutters. They have a chain pulley system attached to it for easy of use in pulling them on or off. When pulled off they are neatly stacked on top of each other which gives them the appearance of shutters. However, when they are pulled on they lose those pleats and they have a smooth look which is unlike shutters.

These shades are blackout shades by nature which means that when they are pulled on they do not allow any light to pass through. However, we provide roman shades with different types of light diffusion materials at different percentages. These allow you to have different types of diffusion while maintaining the look and class of roman shades.

The roman blinds also are great insulators and can help protect the heat in your room in winters. So, these window coverings are value for money while being affordable also.


  • Highly designer and elegant in design can help bring a lot of class in your room.
  • Perfect for both home and workplaces.
  • Made with premium materials that help in making the product durable as well as safe for all.
  • Variety of design choices available with choice in design and colors.
  • Blinds curated by our design team that are made according to your needs with every detail being delivered with perfection.
  • Ecofriendly materials used to reduce the carbon footprint of the company as well as your blinds making it safe for the environment.


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Why Choose Us?

Choose us because we provide the best in class products when it comes to Roman Blinds that are made with premium raw materials hand designed by a team of expert designers that are dedicated to bring you your product in the best way possible.

We care about our customer satisfaction which is why we have a very thorough quality check system in our production to make sure that every product we deliver is the best that it can be.

So, if you are looking for a brand that cares about the satisfaction of its customer by providing the best quality service and also cares about the environment, look no further.