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Are you looking to make use of that large space in your front or backyard? Enhance the style, value, and functionality of your home with the addition of a beautiful pergola.

Pergolas have always been the most popular home addition and have proven to enhance and add immense value to homes as well as any outdoor space.


At Sun Home Decor, we believe that any addition to your home should not only serve its proposed purpose but also add a character to your home. We help you create a suitable living space through the seamless transformation from indoors to outdoors with our custom-built pergolas.


Our pergolas are made with the highest level of workmanship to improve the overall visual appearance of your home.


  • Rain Sensor: For optimal protection, you can install a rain sensor on your pergola. It can be configurated according to your requirements and/or weather conditions. Sensors increase your comfort and react to changes in the weather. The best part is you can operate them autonomously. 
  • Heat System: With our Pergolas, get comfortable radiated heat along with an esthetic finish and orientable radiation angle for targeted heating. The best part of getting the heating system is its immediate heat effect.
  • LED Strip Lights: Pergolas with LED Strip Lights are trendy. Thanks to the high brightness, compact size, and low power consumption of LED Lights. They are incredibly versatile; you can use them in your bars, patios, balcony, and in every imaginable way.
  • Zip Screen: Our Pergolas have a zip screen system. They are windproof, prevent fabric tension, and keeps the position of the screen locked inside the guide rails. They also provide micro-air circulation and are water-resistant. 
  • Sliding Glass Door: Our sliding glass doors slide smoothly and noiselessly, separating indoor and outdoor spaces in homes, restaurants, hotels, and shops. Our sliding panels are made of toughened monolithic glass, without perimeter outlines but with transparent seals between the panels.
    • Warranty: We offer 15 years warranty for aluminum alloy beam/post/louver.
    • Customized Products: Get your pergolas customized as per your space requirements.
    • High Quality: All our products are characterized by their durability, comfort, and supreme quality.
    • Minimum Maintenance: Our services and products require minimum maintenance and are perfect for any weather.


You can set your watch according our time as we whole heartedly provide on time service


Perfection is just an occupational hazard for us, that we bring to the table every day.


We are here to hear all your needs and provide you the adequate solutions for them.


The prices are low so, you don’t have to think slow before choosing us.

Why Choose Us?

Best Design & Detailing: With us, you will be assured that each of our pergolas comes with engineered specifications and detailed 3D plan drafting ready to enhance your space. 

High Quality at a Reasonable Price: When you work with Sun Home Decor, you’re receiving a high-quality pergola built at an affordable price along with ten years of warranty on our workmanship.

Excellent Customer Service: We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service with an aim to help you enjoy the great outdoors – at the comfort of your home.

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