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Horizontal/Vertical Blinds

Horizontal Blinds create a very professional look which is why it is mostly used in office spaces in places of work. They are used in homes as well in rooms where there is a lot of moisture and heat likely in the bathroom and kitchen as those conditions are not suitable for wood or cloths. As the horizontal blinds are made out of PVC they handle the moisture and heat and do not cause any troubles whatsoever.

Horizontal window blinds are closely related to Roller Blinds; these blinds are perfect for any environment as they are made out of PVC materials. These blinds are composed of slats that are spaced equally apart and can be found in two variants one where they are attached to a pulley and one where they are found without the pulley.

These blinds are also flexible and are durable for a long time and require little maintenance apart from the occasional dusting or cleaning.


  • These work well in harsh weather conditions such as heat and moisture without any adverse effects showing up.
  • Provides adequate light diffusion or blocking as well as insulation in winters. Which allows for the most energy saving and natural illumination usage.
  • Can be drawn on and off whenever needed which make them very easy to use and have the most effect on privacy as well as natural light use.
  • Flexible and can handle rough use with ease.
  • These window coverings are designed out of recycled materials to reduce the carbon footprint and promote eco-friendly technology.
  • These blinds can also be made out of other materials such as Aluminum or Fabric in case of special requirements by the custom shop.
  • Can be made into Printed Blinds in the custom shop.


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