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Complete Guide for Selecting Exterior Shades

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Imagine wanting to sit out in your very own backyard or patio and sipping on a nice glass of Merlot in the late afternoon after having finished your chores on a Sunday but being unable to do so because of the smelting heat. This is where outdoor blinds can work wonders for you. An outdoor blind is essentially an added layer of protection to your house, an exterior shade. Not only can you protect your home from the rough elements of the weather and the damaging radiations of the sun, but you also add an element of privacy to your home from the world outside. So here is a curated list of ideas for exterior window shades and various types of outdoor blinds that you can adorn your home with!

Type of Exterior Blinds

With a massive number of exterior shade and blind patterns coming into the market, the chances are that you will be too spoilt for choice and probably a little confused with making the right decision. After all, this is a long-term investment, which means you must choose right. 
  • 1. Exterior Solar Shades
What exterior solar shades essentially do is add a layer of protection between the sun and your windows and doors to prevent the sun from heating your interiors. They generally are built and fitted to cover the complete expanse of your window frame and are, of course, retractable per your necessity. Therefore, on the hottest of days, you can roll them down all the way to keep your house cool, whereas, on colder days, you could roll them halfway down or simply leave them all the way open to ensure that the sunlight floods your house.
  • 2. Natural Binds
an alternative to hardcore external shades is to employ natural materials that complement the color and theme of your house. These shades are extremely pleasant on the eyes and on our environment since they are generally made of natural cooling materials such as jute, bamboos, grass, and so on and can be used in a versatile manner while adding a natural aesthetic to your home. These blinds are fairly easy to install and use too!
  • 3. Cellular Shades 
Cellular shades are an extremely sustainable option for exterior window shades due to their energy-efficient, cell-shaped design that can take on the role of an insulation barrier. Following the basic principles of thermodynamics, these shades help keep the house cool on warm days and keep it warm on cold days. However, the major downside of these exterior blinds is that they are not weather resistant since they are made of slightly delicate fabrics designed specifically for air filtration.
  • 4. Wooden Blinds
The foremost advantage of wooden exterior blinds is their aesthetic appeal. Wooden blinds are no slouch when it comes to functionality. These blinds, while offering your home ample protection from harsh sunlight, are also simple to fit and maintain in the long run. 
  • 5. Faux Wooden Blinds
Wooden blinds are not the best if your home is in a region which experiences harsh weather conditions. Therefore, the next best alternative that will guarantee you a similar aesthetic while ensuring foolhardiness against the elements of nature is faux wooden blinds. Since they are not made of wood, they are extremely durable and easy to maintain while retaining the advantage of being cost-effective.
  • 6. Smart Solar Shades
Smart solar shades essentially offer the exact benefits that exterior solar shades offer. However, to make things easier for users, these come with the added benefit of being operable from your smartphone and having the benefit of automation. While this does come at a hiked price, it adds a touch of modernism and class to your home. 

Where are Exterior Window Blinds used?

Exterior window shades can be used in a variety of places in your house. Suppose you have a patio or a pergola. In that case, exterior window blinds will not only add aesthetic value to your setup but also make it more usable per your convenience, instead of being restricted to the mercy of the weather. Regardless of whether your home is a sprawling villa or an apartment, exterior window blinds can help not only make it more comfortable but also reduce your energy consumption. Here are some classic ideas as to where you can use or fit exterior blinds in your home!
  • 1. Picture & Custom Windows Large picture windows or custom glass walls are the best way to fully enjoy the view the outside from your room. It could either be a lush green backyard or a mountain range. These luxury windows are designed to complement the interior design finesse as well as outer view these windows show. Thus making outer side the best place to keep the automated blinds.
  • 2. Kitchen Windows
This one is the most obvious place you can use an exterior blind, but the point to remember is that it has risen to popularity for the simple reason that it is effective. Keeping the blinds outdoor is best if you do a lot of high temperature cooking or baking in your home. It not only increases the life of the blinds but also keep them away from high temperature oil fume or sute. Furthermore, having an exterior window blind for your kitchen windows makes your kitchen as private or as bright as you prefer.
  • 3. Verandah
Stepping out on your verandah, you may not necessarily wish to encounter the harsh sun as you sip on your cup of black coffee. Maybe, you and your friends wish to take a few chairs and shoot some beers in the verandah. Prying eyes is an obvious mood killer for a private evening. Installing an automatic or a smart exterior blind that either fits or extends the frame of your verandah can go a long way in making your verandah a usable location of your house, with its privacy!
  • 4. Joint Patio
Having a joint patio is a joy until you realize that every evening you wish to unwind in your patio, all your furniture is heated up, and to sit on it would simply make you uncomfortable. Installing automated or smart exterior blinds to shield your patio from the weather makes for a smart choice. Investing in quality vertical blinds for your patio can go a long way in keeping your furniture safe and your patio enjoyable at any time of the day.
  • 5. Pergolas
Setting up a pergola and enjoying your backyard or lawn is one of the finer pleasures in life. However, shielding your furniture from the elements of nature such as rain, harsh sunlight, and so on can go a long way in reducing long-term maintenance costs and efforts. Using exterior blinds, which can be manual or smart exterior blinds, you can set up a line of defense between the destructive probability of rains and sunlight and your wooden or metal furniture.
  • 6. Balcony entrances
Fitting a frame-size exterior blind at your balcony entrance can play a massive role in regulating the temperature within the house along with the amount of natural light within it. An exterior blind on the frame of your balcony entrance not only offers crucial functionality in terms of atmosphere regulation but also lends a modern aesthetic to your home.

Things to Consider While Selecting Exterior Blinds

Admittedly, buying or investing in quality exterior shades in your home is a big move since these are long-term fixtures. Therefore, this is not a decision you want to rush and then end up with something that does not please you aesthetically or doesn’t offer the functionality and use you need it for. There are some crucial things to consider regarding exterior blinds before you spend on them to ensure that this is, in fact, an investment and not a mere expenditure.
  • 1. Build quality and flexibility
The build quality of your exterior blinds plays a major role in their ability to perform. If the slats of your blinds are built poorly, they will either be ineffective in performing their functions of blocking light and modulating temperature, or they simply will not last for as long as they should, considering their cost. Similarly, your build quality will also determine your blind’s structural flexibility. If it so happens that your blinds do not shut properly or cannot be rolled or pulled down properly, the light will enter through the slats and possibly heat too. Therefore, it pays, in the long run, to pay close attention to the build quality of your exterior blinds’ setup.
  • 2. Fitting per proper measurements
Whether you choose to install a setup that stays flush with your walls within the frame of your windows or whether you want it to extend beyond the frame of your structural opening, accurate measurements are a must. These measurements usually play an important role in determining the best material and build type for your exterior blinds. Be sure to consult an experienced and trustworthy professional who can guide you on what to prefer and avoid. Bear in mind that inaccurate measurements could lead to poor finishing, which is ultimately an absolute no-no.
  • 3. Does it make your home private?
A major function of exterior blinds is to shield your home and its internal affairs from the outside world. If your exterior blinds cannot perform this function effectively, then your blinds will not be of much use to you. Therefore, be sure to ask these questions before you make your choice – will they be able to offer you complete privacy in the daytime? And will they be able to offer you the same kind of privacy at night, in the dark?
  • 4. Functional efficiency
Along with offering your home privacy and shade, your exterior blinds must also be able to effectively regulate the temperature in your home when in use. The reason is that on hot days, by blocking out the sunlight, when your blinds block out the heat too, you will save on electricity and energy costs by minimizing the use of your fans and air conditioners. Similarly, on cold days, you can open your blinds or allow them to pass just enough sunlight that makes your home as cozy as you want it. Even though this is an often overlooked aspect of exterior blinds, this quality can prove to be a real money and energy saver in the long term.
  • 5. Easy maintenance
Naturally, you will have to clean your exterior blinds at some point in the year. However, to do that must be an easy task rather than being an ordeal that you fear. The material that your external blinds are made of will dictate how easy or difficult it is to maintain them. For example, having a plated or slated exterior blind setup can be tedious to clean since you will have to address every slat individually. In stark contrast, however, having a roller blind makes it extremely easy to clean since it’s simply a straight sheet. Therefore, be sure to weigh out your priorities and pick a setup of exterior blinds that can balance your purpose for it and its maintainability.
  • 6. Child and Baby-friendly
If you have a baby or a child in your home, you must take something that isn’t a probable hazard in the way it operates or how it is built for your child. Using slatted blinds could result in minor injuries for children that can easily be avoided.
  • 7. Match your home’s theme with your external blinds
Exterior blinds are not only functional, they do a lot to improve the overall aesthetic of your home. Therefore, before you make your final purchase, be sure that it blends in with your house’s theme and color rather than being an ugly functional pop-out.
  • 8. Easy on the pockets
Investing huge amounts of money on external blinds does not make much sense. Rather, your blinds must offer you a healthy value regarding their cost price and their utility for you. Ensure that the external binds you choose to invest in offer you the purpose you need it for. Scope that extensive market before you settle down on an option. Our professional services can help you through this process at your will. 

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