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Getting Ready For Californian Summer With Outdoor Window Blinds


With summers around the corner, you must be getting ready for having a great time while relaxing outdoors. Well, if you want to make these summers enjoyable, then it is time to explore some incredible exterior decoration ideas. Move over the usual planters, cushions, or lighting and explore some fascinating outdoor blinds ideas for this Californian summer. After all, when every aspect of your exterior space shines out, why your windows should be left behind. By installing the latest outdoor window blinds, you can deck up the exterior space and ensure cooler interiors. With so many options to select from, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed while choosing the best window blinds for your home. Bid farewell to all your worries, as here we bring you the best outdoor window blinds ideas.

Which are the best outdoor blinds?

Outdoor window blinds, also known as exterior blinds, are exclusively crafted for offering superior protection to your home from the elements as well as from the prying eyes of any passer-by. Hence, the best outdoor blind will be the one that not only prevents your home from unwanted elements but also enhances the appearance of your exteriors and is easy to maintain. There are various types of material available when it comes to window blinds to choose from as per your requirements. PVC is a popular option amongst homeowners as it blocks wind and harsh sunlight and allows enough natural light inside. Then there is the option of choosing mesh blinds available in different grades to block sun and rains in summers and wind during winters. If you desire high-level UV protection along with durability, then you must consider canvas window blinds. Bamboo window blinds are also catching traction in recent times due to their effective performance and eco-friendly nature.

Outdoor blind ideas for Mountain house

Mountain houses offer you the chance of living in a peaceful atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of urban life and that too within a short distance from all the amenities. These huge houses are free from any disturbance and let you enjoy the serene surroundings through their huge windows. To enhance the utility and appearance of your mountain house windows, you must consider the below mentioned outdoor window blinds for your mountain house: -

Zebra blinds:

These are regarded as one of the best options for mountain houses. Zebra blinds are easy to install and render a stylish appearance with a contemporary style. Ergonomic design ensures minimal space requirements and easy operation with motorized functions. Zebra blinds stop the harmful UV rays and only let natural light enter your home, offering protection against radiation through their layered design. Excellent uniformity and twin-cell material ensure better insulation and energy efficiency. Zebra blinds are extremely easy to clean as they do not let pollutions attach to the surface.

Roman blinds:

If you are someone who prefers drapery, you must consider Roman blinds that offer a welcome change from other options. With their Roman styling and numerous customization options in terms of textures, colors, and fabrics, you can easily choose something that meets your preferences. For every mountain house controlling the sunlight entering the house is very important. With signature blackout, contemporary and light filtering, roman shades let you control the amount of sunlight entering your house. You can also add lining to the roman blinds to improve the sunlight blocking ability and add to the interior aesthetics. Then there is the option of interior or exterior mount option to let you control how these look.

Motorized blinds:

While the huge windows of your mountain house appear majestic, operating window blinds on such windows manually could be an arduous task. To ensure ease of operation of window blinds in your mountain house, you must consider motorized blinds. Not only can you operate these blinds extremely easily but you can also connect with your home automation system and program them to open and close at set times. There are numerous customization options available herein for you in terms of requirements regarding temperature regulation and sunlight adjustment. If there are any seniors in the home or any individuals with special requirements, then these motorized blinds are an absolute no-brainer, offering the convenience and freedom that they desire.

Outdoor Roller Blinds:

Outdoor designing has assumed greater importance in present times when you need a dedicated space to rewind and relax from the daily grind. Hence, you need to install high-quality roller blinds on your windows to offer a soothing feeling when you are relaxing outdoors, whether by yourself or with friends. Outdoor roller blinds for windows are becoming extremely popular as they block the harmful UV rays and offer privacy when you are relaxing inside. Outdoor roller blinds not only add to the exterior aesthetics but also prevent your valuable belongings from sunlight damage. Roller blinds are available in various color and light control options, allowing you to completely control the way your home appears. There are numerous choices in terms of size, color, material which offer you great flexibility over the décor style. Along with cordless mechanisms, these exterior window blinds can also be connected to home automation systems, allowing easy operation through the app.

Outdoor Shutters:

Outdoor window shutters are also a popular option amongst homeowners when it comes to the window treatment. These shutters are available in various styles and materials, allowing you to add much-needed elegance to your windows. Shutters have been around for many years, but now equipped with the latest designs, the outdoor window shutters are ready to enhance your outdoor space's aesthetics to the next level. Shutters allow you to exercise complete control over the sunlight entering your home and offer privacy from any prying eyes. Outdoor shutters allow you to control the airflow inside your home, enabling cooler interiors to reduce your air conditioning costs. Numerous customization options are available for you to ensure that the outdoor shutters meet every requirement of yours. Enjoy superior protection from natural elements with your very own customized outdoor window shutters.

Pergola Canopies

Well, you can not imagine your outdoor space without a pergola; after all, it offers that seamless connection between the exteriors and interiors, allowing you access to increased space effortlessly. You can now enhance the beauty of your pergola with the help of retractable pergola canopies. Pergolas canopies are similar to outdoor window blinds. These canopies are built on the top frame of the pergola, allowing you to open or retract it as per your requirements. Not only do the pergola canopies make your outdoors appear more sophisticated, but they also offer more shade for better relaxation. Pergola canopies not only save your outdoor windows from sunlight but also offer shade to your outdoor furniture, extending their lifestyle and retaining their appearance for many years. Now, take the party outside and have a great time with your friends with superior protection from the elements. Summers in California are notorious for the blazing hot sunshine and extreme temperatures. So, deck up your exteriors with our outdoor window blinds options available and enjoy the summers like never before. Book an Appointment or call us at +1 408 359-7714 or +1 510 556-7234