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Automation Blinds

Automated Blinds are widely popular in today’s time. They are the brand new evolution in the blinds industry, and we have taken this new product and gave it the best treatment possible, providing our clients with the best products. Automated window coverings are an essential part of a smart home today. Even though smart homes in the past were on the more expensive side and could be availed only by a few people. Today smart homes are affordable and can be availed by virtually anyone.

Our products are created in accordance with smart home software such as Alexa and Google Home. We provide full integration of our products to this software and they can be controlled by voice or via a remote which makes our products totally wireless.

We provide Automated window blinds in many different options such as regular automation blinds or automated roller blinds and many more. Our Blinds are available with various design options and color choices. In our custom shop, you can design your own blinds with full liberty at your choice of designs, colors and material and we will deliver it to you.


  • These bllinds come in different shapes, sizes and styles with a plethora of options for you to choose from.
  • Automated window blinds can be programmed to be open during the daytime and closed during the night, these functions and a lot more can help you use the most amount of natural illumination and be energy efficient.
  • Hands-free controls make it easier to control the blinds even when you are physically away from them.
  • Our automated blinds are made to work perfectly with each and every personal assistant software module.
  • Automation blinds are made in the most energy efficient way possible. It is made to be 100% environment friendly.
  • Automated Blinds helps in conserving energy by utilizing the full extent of natural light as possible.


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Choose Sun Home Décor because we are the leading the market in terms of innovation and customer service when it comes to our products. We take it as our mission to satisfy our client’s needs in the most affordable, efficient and time saving way possible.

When it comes to our products our blinds are made from eco-friendly materials and they are created without any child labor involved. So, if you are looking for a company that can provide the best at affordable prices, look no further.