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5 Reasons to select Roller blinds

Blinds are a modern choice to give your home a nice feel and improve the aesthetics of your house. They have great advantages over curtains such as easy to clean, good for health, space-saving while making the room look bigger. Unlike conventional methods of window coverings like curtains, window blinds like roman or roller blinds give us complete control of the amount of light we need inside the room.

From small bathroom windows to lawn window shades, there are various types of blind requirements. Whereas small plastic horizontal blinds are best for bathrooms, we need extra care while selecting the bigger blinds for large windows. From the size to the window, to the position of the sun, to interior design, large window coverings need extra care. There are various modern window blinds like horizontal blinds, roman blinds, roller blinds, and shutter. Out of these roller blinds have some advantages over others. Let’s have a look.

 Easy Installation:

Installation of Roller Blinds can be achieved without any great effort. It is very easy that it can be installed with two fixture brackets and four screws. As compared with curtains whose installation is really tedious the roller blinds offer such a trouble-free installation. With proper measurement, one can install roller blind himself or can take the help of an installation professional. The easy installation comes most useful when doing it for an office environment. 

Cleaning & Health Risk:

The blinds one chooses should be easy to clean and maintain. The slats of other blind and the fold of the curtain can be such a mess to take care of. We always prefer our window coverings to neat and tidy in one step to avoid labor. Certainly, with dust on blind and curtains, family always poses the risk of allergies, skin and lung infection. This can be avoided with the installation of roller blinds. The cleaning and maintenance of these blinds can be done in a single step. If there are children's especially younger ones lives in your house than curtain should not be an option as the cleaning would be a difficult task as children spill here and there and germs attracted to dirty places.

Cost Effective:

When you select the type of blinds for your home, roller blinds are definitely an option as these are very cost-effective. If your room has many windows then the installation of curtains with proper measurements can surely lose your pocket. The cost of window blinds depends on the type of material used. And that is where you can cut down your cost while keeping the safety of your family as the highest priority. Along with that the easy installation further reduces the cost of these blinds.

Complimenting the room:

Definitely, the roller shades make your room look bigger, brighter and in style. Especially because the slits in all other blinds take up a lot of light. They complement room in such a way and gives a room a neat, clean and modern look. There are various colors, textures, and designs in which roller blinds are available. They only allow natural light to come through which gives any room a special feel. That is why you must think of the sun's path around the windows when selecting the material for roller blinds.

Maximum View:

While curtains and traditional blinds partially open and partially obstruct the view but in the context of roller blinds this is not the case. If your window is sea, lake or mountain facing then you definitely do not want to hinder the view and therefore, roller blinds and horizontal blinds are definitely for you. But the complete control of the view in case of roller blinds is easily manageable while maintaining dust-free privacy.

Every home needs a combination of 2 to 3 types of blinds. It is up to your interior designer or home decor service provider to maximize the utility of your blinds. Roller blinds come in a variety of shades, colors, fabric, and textures. They are most useful in the modern busy homes, as they are easy to maintain and install. So, according to your size of windows, design, and color of the room, select the type of roller blinds that fits and compliments your room. At Sun home decor we have the widest combination of window blind options that can cater to all your window covering needs. To know more drop us a line.se3rs253gdsf4qd3 s