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10 practical factors to consider while selecting the window blinds

Window blinds are one of the most important interior design selections you make while moving into a new home. From vintage to most moderns blinds ideas, the options to select the best window blinds can be very difficult. But before selecting the type of window covering, you must consider these 10 most practical aspects that define the importance of blinds.


Flexibility is one of the major factors when one needs to consider in mind before the purchase. The ability of slats to be appropriately closed or open for proper light entry into the room as we all have different light likings for the differently designed rooms. The slats must open and close smoothly and should not be stuck in between. Whether we roll, pull strings or switch button the slats should work in a uniform manner and not obstruct the view.

Accurate Measurement:

Measure at least twice to give your windows proper finishing once window coverings are installed. Having a measurement will also help you decide on the type of blinds you can use. Adding a heavy wooden custom blind on a 5 feet tall and 4 feet window will add a lot of pressure when using manually and reduce the life of the blind.
Measurement is, therefore, very necessary if you are buying blinds online or have planned to install it on your own. You can also take the help of window installer or trained member near-by you for authentic measurement when you are planning to install by yourself. If measurement is not right then the correct finishing is difficult to obtain.

Long Life:

The other factor that comes into the mind is the long life of the blind as a person is investing so much into the installation of the blinds. The blinds should be of durable materials and do not fade or shred away in no time. The long life of blinds is also measured by its serviceability and cost involved in the same. Good blinds are always serviceable and have durable replacement parts.

Proper Light and shade:

Some people generally prefer to wake up early so that they can see the rising sun and can feel the sun rays beaming on them. As they unfold the blind the sun rays will brighten up the room. On the other hand, some want to sleep till noon usually on Sunday or maybe due to their late-night shifts. And they prefer it to be dark so that one even a single ray of light cannot disturb their sleep. So, basically these two factors must be kept in mind that the blinds should offer the proper light and shade. The Horizontal and Vertical blinds with slits are best suited for these needs as they allow you to control the light as you need.


Well!! That’s the major factor though. Nobody wants to give strangers or neighbors a glimpse of what’s happening inside their house. Most importantly when your house is street-facing. The question will still be in the mind “Do these blinds provide privacy during day and night time”. Whether in bedrooms and bathrooms, privacy creates a sense of security and safety in your home. Even if you’re thinking of blinds in your outdoor area, privacy should be there on number first.

Energy saving:

Energy saving is the money-saving!! People have continued to think less about looks and more about the eco-friendly way of saving energy. Without the energy-efficient blinds, more than fifty percent of heating and cooling energy can be lost. So the direction of your windows and the aspect of the house needs to be kept in mind that how much light you want to let in and maintain the temperature of the house accordingly in summers and winters.

Colors to chose:

There is a person’s choice if light or dark-colored blinds have been chosen. White is a common choice and it’s really appropriate. Just adding a little that light-colored blinds reflect more sunlight and make the room look bigger, brighter and full of life. Whereas, the dark-colored room has its own charisma and intimacy. When windows are closed blinds should also look subtle and conventional even when looking from outside or inside. It should match the color of your wall to give some little style statement.


Preferably we all will choose a blind that will easily clean with a damp cloth. However, differently styled blinds have different ways of cleaning. But make sure to ask with the professional installer that how easily the shafts get clean. In a nutshell, choose a style that is easy to be taken care of. Though the easiest to clean and maintain are the roller blinds, just can be dusted straight off, instead of running between plates.

Safety of the kids :

Child safety should be kept in mind when purchasing blinds. The sharp edges can do nothing but harm to the kids. Keeping in mind that blinds do not pose a safety risk. It must be easy to operate for kids too. There is a new trend of having remote control blinds. One can give a try to those as well if it suits the pocket.


And last but not the least the purchase must be pocket friendly with all the benefits. So be realistic with your budget before making a purchase and look for some affordable options that can fulfil your requirements. There are various options in the market with different prices so give a look before finalizing anything.

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